Holistic Wellness

What do we mean by Wellness?
What is the natural energy flow?
There is a lot of talk about wellness .... What is wellness?
The word itself already calls for peace, balance, energy, vitality, strength, intuition, smile .....
So it is ... when we feel good both in body and mind, we feel alive, energetic, open, loving, optimistic, strong ...
In the Holistic tradition, physical and emotional well-being is the natural state of Being .... that is, when no block interrupts or alters the natural flow of the Energy Continuum, that is, the continuous flow of energy that continuously nourishes from the Source and maintains all forms.
Albert Einstein claimed that "we exist as a rush of energy from the Source down to the three-dimensional world we live in"
It is a bit disconcerting for our mental set-up that has accustomed us to thinking of being separate individuals, there, created and in some strange way rather "firm", fixed, stable in that body.
It is very interesting in this regard to know that the scientific research of Quantum Physics increasingly shows how true these holistic theories are ...
The holistic word derives from the Greek and means "a whole", "a whole", which indicates exactly this type of approach to the various problems of our life, be they physical or psychological.
So, based on these theories, the individual is inseparable from everything around him: the environment, the air, the water, the food ... as well as the rhythms and lifestyles, the quality of emotions and the ability to manage them, the thoughts of oneself and those around us. We are a whole, a whole, beyond whether we want it or not.
If "This" is slowly integrated into our life, we increasingly pay attention and awareness in managing us and our environment in a creative and non-destructive way. The choice of the foods we want to put into our bodies becomes so important and they will then be the materials we will use to continuously regenerate new cells, the environment around us, the air we want to breathe in our lungs, the rhythms at which we want to subject our system ... the energy fields that we want to create around us: positive thoughts, of love for us and others, harmony in emotions whatever they are, beneficial electro-magnetic fields, that is, pay attention to the objects that put in our space and the electromagnetic radiation of many electronic devices.
And a beautiful path, full of great rewards ....
This way of life can benefit the individual, the whole of humanity and our beloved Earth.
What are Bio-Natural Wellness treatments and what do they do?
The bio-natural treatments for well-being that we offer have two main aspects: first, they help us to "feel" us, to perceive us from within, in a very clear way, so as to identify and create a bridge between us and our tensions, our energy imbalances and our retained emotions. Only what can be perceived, felt and understood can then be transformed. Second aspect is the active part that stimulates to dissolve and balance these tensions, blocks, in order to recreate a healthy flow of energy and consequently of the natural organic biological functions of each individual.
In the holistic tradition, any disturbance, both physical and emotional, is considered an important signal that our system sends us as an invitation to take better care of that part of us that accuses negative attunements.
You can also learn to "grow" in awareness, love and health, right from our ailments.
In Western tradition the body is often used as a simple means of achieving the goals we have set ourselves in life ... we often ask our body-mind system for much more than it can give us ..... and then always comes the showdown ....
with love,
Tatheena Costanza










This technique combines the body with its symptoms and discomforts, with the mind that creates them.

It is an extremely innovative and powerful method.

The symptom becomes our bridge with the unconscious.
Starting from the body means starting from what is real, concrete; it is not something abstract, intangible like the mind.

A great Master asserted "the mind, mind!" It was a great lesson !! I began to understand what creates the mind and what "layers" make it up, its creative power is extremely fascinating, you just need to start being aware of what we create!
The Body Counseling treatment, a registered method, begins with the reading of the Aura.
Our Aura contains so much information! You can see where there is a continuous flow of energy and vitality and where instead the vital flow is distorted or reduced due to blockages or traumas, it is "colored" information.

Continue with a postural check; our posture is often a consequence of what we carry in the aura or subtle energy field.
Continue with Gestalt Counseling which helps the client understand why the various dynamics that create conditions of non-well-being, clarifies and serves to take stock of the situation.
Then work on the body begins, aimed at clarifying and transforming the block that created the symptom.
The results are surprising, every time I wonder myself !!
Body-Counseling uses various techniques: Subtle Anatomy, Shamanic Techniques, Gestalt Counseling, Reiki, Vibrational Techniques, Voicing, Massage, Ayurveda, Reflexology, Crystal Therapy.
This technique has arrived, it has simply manifested itself!
After 10 years of working as an Ayurveda and Reflexology masseuse, I was very aware of how massage relieved and eliminated certain deep symptoms, such as tension or pain, but I observed that if the person lived intense experiences emotionally, the symptom reappeared. So with my heart open, I wondered how to do it .... there had to be a way, which was of great use to the customer, and which was interesting and fun.
And here he comes ... here he is ... with GRATITUDE and LOVE!

They are important sessions, they last about 2 hours.

"The body and mind are connected. The body is the gross form of the mind and vice versa, the mind is the subtle form of the body. This is the reason why a physical problem often originates in the mind. By working on the body it is possible to untie the knots of these problems, the symptoms. The result is that the body becomes vital, joyful, free, light, the mind balanced and creative. Feeling good about yourself allows you to have confidence in every aspect of life. If one is sure within oneself, one can be sure in the world "(Saraswati, 1996,11)




It is a technique of self-healing of the body, transformation of awareness and deep emotional and physical purification coming from ancient Chinese-Tibetan traditions.

It is a very complex and effective type of holistic wellness approach. Tibetan Pulsing Yoga (TPY) includes:

  • various forms of bodywork

  • Pulsing or harmonization and release of the blocks of the Bio-electric circuits

  • New Mind, a process of deep transformation of the nervous system.

  • Eye-reading

  • the Touning, that is the use of specific sounds and colors for each energetic center of our body, that is our organs.

A large number of groups, seminars, events and trainings happen regularly all over the world.

Technically this very ancient technique, which was used to prepare certain monks at very high levels of meditation, uses the magnetic power of the heartbeat combined with specific sounds and colors (i.e. frequencies) for each organ or part of the body, our Kundalini and subtle movements .

Considering that each of us is a very complex perceptual system that records every experience lived (and this recording always takes place, on a conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious level) and considering that many of the various kinds of disorders that we experience are often due to trauma and / or negative experiences and / or bad habits engraved in our system and which alter the normal bio-electromagnetic flow, Tibetan Pulsing is certainly an excellent method to restore our natural balance, harmonize emotions and re-balance our thoughts .

It is an extremely pleasant, varied and fun technique, leading to a deep relaxation that allows the dissolution of what is negatively affected in our nervous system. Thoughts and memories lose their painful accent, the experience remains to learn from, but without the pain that was "attacked" before ...

The first session includes the reading of the Tibetan eye, considered the dispay of our nervous system where all the lived experiences are transcribed, our weak and strong points. our openings and the dark points that weaken us ....




In these sessions a Sacred space consciously opens, like a bridge ... which connects our three-dimensional world to the Source of Life.

Masters and Angels can be invoked to help us on our journey.

They are important messages, which each of us immediately recognizes because they have simplicity and a purity which, unfortunately, does not belong to the plan of human beings.

In all traditions we speak of Guardian Angels, Invisible Helpers, but always present and available to help us, if only we remember to invoke them.




Ayurvedic means that this type of treatment and massage originates in Ayurveda, the millenary traditional medicine of India.

Learn the Ayurvedic massage in 4 modules

Form 1 - 8 days

I - Basic principles of Ayurveda: the 3 Doshas.

2 -Prepare for the Art of Massage

3 - Freeing the Spine: Techniques-Anatomy- Benefits

4 - Shoulders: Techniques-Anatomy- Benefits

5 - The Legs: Techniques-Anatomy- Benefits

6 - the Abdomen: Techniques-Anatomy-Physiology-Benefits

7 - The Chest: Techniques-Anatomy-Physiology- Benefits

8 - The Neck: Techniques-Anatomy-Physiology- Benefits

9 - Head and Face: Techniques-Anatomy-Physiology- Benefits

After an exam the student will receive the Ayurvedic Massager Certificate and can continue with the Advanced Modules

1 Advanced Module: Ayurvedic Marma Massage

2 Advanced Module: Reading the Ayurvedic Wrist

3 Advanced Module: Ayurvedic Stretching Massage


The ancient Ayurvedic techniques of body care consider the body as a whole, that is, the set of different elements that animate it. . Ayurvedic treatments free the joints, relax the muscles, remove accumulated toxins, strengthen the immune system, stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system at a very deep level, thus acting on the nervous system ... thoughts and emotions relax .. the metabolism is revitalized and the body feels alive and rejoices.

For those who actively want to prevent aging and for those who are determined to dissolve old tensions that cause recurring pain, these treatments are very suitable.

Relaxing treatments: Ayurveda-Relax treatments help relieve stress and fatigue and make us feel cared for and pampered. Special techniques are used to relax the body, including aromatherapy techniques. These treatments often have positive effects on the cardio-circulatory and lymphatic systems.


Ayurvedic massage: Ayurvedic massage (traditionally Abhyanga) is done all over the body with hot oil. After reading the pulse, the oil is carefully chosen   more suitable for each single "Dosha", that is for each type of psychophysics and the most suitable type of massage . Among the immediate effects of Ayurvedic treatments, the dissolving of many tensions and a widespread feeling of well-being and vitality can be noted.


The science Ayurveda also offers treatments with l` use of "massage powders" to stimulate more `thoroughly circulation and against cellulite, treatments with Crystals, Stretching massage and Marma massage, ie` digito-pressures of 108 Marma points. When there are tensions or pains in the body it is difficult to experience well-being. The body speaks ... no pain comes by chance, reading it and understanding it, can help us grow in respect for ourselves,
which is not easy in a society that continuously bombards us with ideas, models and roles.




4 Days Training

Learn the Art of Reflexology

Reflexologies are the complete ancestral projection of the whole body only on a part of it.
The nerve endings through afferent and efferent processes, transmit from the inside to the outside and vice versa problems and problems of the internal organs. Through these mechanisms it is possible to reach the different organs with stresses aimed at obtaining oxygenation of the tissues through the vascularization of the same.

The proven effectiveness of these methods is determined by the fact that we interpret the signals that our body sends through the most peripheral areas, hands, feet, ears, tongue, nose, eyes, which are the areas with the greatest concentration of nerve endings as well as clearly knowing the reflex points found on the hands and feet.

These treatments are extremely relaxing and pleasant and have a great effectiveness in balancing the energy that flows in our body.




The Tachyon Holistic Wellness sessions represent a new paradigm in Bio-Natural techniques for Wellness. Tachyon is the Greek term used by the physicist G. Feinberg in 1966 to indicate a subatomic particle he discovered; later Tachyon energy was identified as a fundamental particle in the process of condensation of energy that from the Source "descends" down to the dense three-dimensional world in which we live.

Thanks to the discoveries and applications of prof. David Wagner, founder of the Tachyon Institute in 1990, since 2004 University of Integrated Science of California, can channel Tachyon energy towards the energy-deficient parts of any living organism.

During these sessions the body is literally immersed in Tachyon energy. The whole body-mind system is significantly rebalanced, nourished and reconnected to the natural flow of cosmic energy: which means connected to the Whole we are part of, a connection that we believe we lose in times of darkness and disturbance.

These sessions can benefit enormously in cases of permanent pain.