Postpartum Yoga -  Monday 11.00

Yin Yoga -  Monday 7.00 pm

Chakra Yoga -  Wednesday 7.00 pm

Postural Pilates -  Thursday at 18.30

Meditation Course -  Thursday 8.45 pm  

Strengthen your Immune System with Yoga -  Friday at 12.00

Yoga in Pregnancy -  Day to be defined at 11.00

Yoga for Beginners -  Day and time to be defined

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Interaction is what makes these courses different.

I always ask the participants how they are because in this way the Yoga course together becomes a moment to be listened to, supported, to clarify inside and thus have more resources for the outside.

Being part of such groups, Shanga, is very important now.


Yin Yoga:  

A practice that helps us to deeply relax the body and mind. Strange but nowadays many people can no longer relax ... to "disconnect" ... because the tensions in the body have become so ... ingrained!

It is necessary to intervene .. free yourself from useless burdens that contract the body and frown the mind!

If you feel you need this ... then Yin Yoga is for you.

The sequences of positions on the ground will help you to stretch all the connective tissues and muscle bands giving your body that opening that allows you to let go of tensions.

The slow pace, the easy positions, help you to reconnect to your breath ... allowing a deep oxygenation of the whole body. Calm begins to reign in your mind ... as we find the right Bio-Rhythm.


Monday at 19.00 duration 1.30 h


Strengthen your immune system:  

with Yoga - Ayurveda - Aromatherapy

We will combine Yoga with specific positions to support the Immune System with the precious secrets of Ayurveda on the balance of the Doshas

You will find out which is your Dosha (psycho-physical typology) of birth.

With Aromatherapy you will be taught simple methods to help our cells work to protect themselves from pathogens.

You learn - You strengthen yourself - You respect yourself

Friday at 12.00 duration 1.30 h


Postpartum Yoga:  

Useful path for Mom and Baby

Now the new mother can regain possession of her own body.

On a physical level, post-partum is a difficult moment: the woman has given the best of her substances to the baby and finds herself weakened. The weight of pregnancy has affected her postural structure often causing swelling of the limbs, back pain and digestive disorders.

The birth itself took a lot of energy. On an emotional level, the sudden hormonal change often causes the famous postpartum depression.

Doing Post-Childbirth Yoga restores the correct postural structure, strengthens the core, brings the abdomen back to regain tone and strength to give support to the whole body, which is very important since now the baby is often in the arms and the breasts are heavier. than usual.

Helps to dispose of accumulated fluids and restores balance in metabolic functions. On a psychological level it relaxes anxieties and fears and helps to connect to the Maternal Intuition as a guide in being able to make the right choices for your baby.

It is a very special Yoga because the Woman can choose to keep the baby there with her ... breastfeed him if necessary ... and this as it grows can gradually become a beautiful game that can be very important for children.

Monday at 11.00 duration 1.15 h


Meditation Course:  

Peace and serenity within us

Learning to dedicate some time to Meditation is a big step towards a psycho-physical balance that helps a big leap in our Wellbeing. This course is suitable both for those who feel ready to start this positive adventure and for those who already practice Meditation and know that meditating together with others is much more powerful. The many Philosophical and Religious traditions that have occurred on Earth have left us vast teachings on what Meditation is, on the great benefits it brings and have handed down to us many different techniques depending on the Tradition where they developed. In this course we will also explore all of this cultural heritage, experimenting with some of these techniques to make our practice in the course as vast as the World.

We will practice Vipassana, Mindfulness, Transcendental Meditation, Meditation on the Great Rays of Light.

Many recent studies show the incredible benefits that have been found in individuals who practice Meditation regularly.

Thursday at 8.45 pm duration 1 h


Chakra Yoga:

A very powerful path of evolution and well-being, which over the months leads to a profound and transformative journey into our energy system through the Ancient Tradition of Tantric Yoga.

We will experience it in all aspects of our existence.

You will receive many precious teachings that will help you to better understand yourself, your behavioral dynamics, the limits you have given yourself.

There are specific Laws that govern Existence.

You will learn easy and effective means to optimize the energy flow through your Chakras and practices to balance them.  

Chakra Yoga uses Vinyasa, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga

Wednesday at 19.00 duration 1.30 h


Postural Pilates:  

Why is it important to take care of our posture?

Correcting postural imbalances helps the body stay healthy,

as well as giving us that "Range of Movement" (literally the ability to move) that makes us feel so good.


When the joints become limited in their movement, causes are created for various problems, in a crescendo, as well

hindrance in movement.

This weekly course will help you in an effective and fun way

to find your sense of freedom of movement and a greater self-esteem.


Tatheena Costanza has her own special method, developed over the decades

of teaching where he noted with pleasure that everyone, absolutely everyone, improved their ability to move, their flexibility and their good mood.

Thursday at 18.30 duration 1 h


Yoga in Pregnancy:

To experience this special moment in joy

In Yoga you learn a lot of secrets about what happens energetically. This course guides you to recognize the special Light that Existence gives to every Pregnant Woman and to listen to her body, to read the messages she sends us as invitations and not as disturbances, to find that vibrational communication with the baby through Non-Verbal Communication.

By experimenting with various Pranayama techniques, you learn to take care to encourage correct oxygenation and specific breathing techniques that will help facilitate childbirth.

Visualizations are proposed, singing is used, a fundamental tool during the hours of labor, experiences of body fluidity and Meditations.

It is a real panacea to support all the functions of the body: circulation to avoid swelling, posture to avoid back pain, maintaining a correct muscle tone to stay strong and for all metabolic processes. Strengthens and prepares the whole body for the moment of delivery. The energetic aspect of Yoga accompanies the entire pregnancy up to the meeting with your baby. '

Day to be defined at 11.00 duration 1.15 h


Yoga for Beginners:

Would you be attracted to the idea of starting?

We hear more and more about the thousand benefits of Yoga and you would like to feel better too!

The accumulation of conflicting emotions and sensations leads many people at the end of the day with muscle contractures, some with headaches and a widespread state of agitation and nervousness that actually grows day after day and therefore a continuous cycle that in the long run becomes somewhat tiring. to manage and it turns into stress from which getting out is more complicated than you think.

So have you ever thought of including a few hours of Yoga a week among your passions?

Among the proven benefits, Yoga makes posture more correct, improves circulatory functions, increases flexibility, helps to be more productive, gives more energy, strengthens joints, improves quality.  of sleep, improves the immune system, fights food cravings ....

But do you think the positions are too complicated?

Quiet! Yoga has positions and sequences for everyone.

After some regular practice you will notice that your body changes, your mind learns to "disconnect", your breath becomes deeper, your mood more stable.

Day and time to be determined duration 1.15 h