Transformational Yoga

Quiere utilizar este momento historico para hacer ese change to mejor que tanto ha deseado?

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Transformational Yoga:

What is it?


How about a Yoga Practice that, in addition to regenerating you on a physical level with all the benefits of Yoga on the body and mind, on the character and mood fluctuations, also becomes a path of Evolutionary and Spiritual Growth?


Many know my passion for encouraging and helping people in transformational works to evolve in all senses, I have done it for many years with my practice as a Holistic Practitioner and Counselor, but now I have developed a way to unify it with mine Yoga classes for people who are TatSatYoga students.

Because it's… easier…! Why? and then now we need to move, we can no longer wait and postpone ... Watch the videos where I will explain why and you can immediately try a mini-class for free.