Free your joints and find the pleasure of being in a fluid body, in the freedom of movement, thus allowing the circulation of blood and fluids to work at their best to keep you healthy. A path that will take you class after class to receive so many benefits. Basically, posture refers to the alignment and positioning of the body with respect to gravitational force . If we stand, sit or lie down, gravity exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles and good posture involves the distribution of the force of gravity through our body. Posture influences daily activities such as walking and running, but also jumping, lifting weights or performing other activities. Thanks to its numerous advantages, such as ease of movement, good balance of muscle strength and flexibility, the correct positioning of the spine is also ideal for the proper functioning of the internal organs. Not only that: sitting and standing with adequate postural alignment will allow you to work more efficiently with le...

Postural gymnastics..

In a fun way we will strengthen Core Stability . By regaining strength, core stability exercises are much more than just increasing the strength of the trunk muscles. The motor re-learning of some inhibited muscles may in fact be more important than pure muscle strengthening , especially considering patients with low back pain.

Many exercises traditionally used for strengthening the abdominal core are considered unsafe, if not harmful. For example, the lumbar extension exercises use too high a load, represented by the upper body, which is often harmful to the lumbar spine.

The initial protocol of core stability exercises must therefore foresee the awareness of the basic motor patterns by the individual. Many individuals will find it more difficult to be aware and voluntarily activate certain motor patterns, therefore we will explore strategies and facilitations. In the same way, individuals with chronic lumbar pain problems will implement "fear of movement" behaviors and therefore more time will have to be spent in this phase. using even more facilitating strategies, for example the contraction of the transverse abdomen can be requested by asking to pull back the navel.

Stretching & Core Stability ..

Soft Gym & Joint Release ..

These classes are suitable for those who feel rigid and ...... want to change things.

Suitable for those who have never thought about doing gymnastics, it is a type of activity recommended for all those people who have not practiced physical activity for a long time, but who want to start taking care of their body again. The recommended and practiced exercises are very simple and do not exert a high impact on the body and joints: this type of physical activity in fact helps to activate the muscles, to work on the blood circulation and brings important benefits to bones, ligaments and joints Soft Gym and Joint-Releasing can actually be carried out by everyone, it is simple and it is easy to approach even for those who have never done physical activity or have physical pain. No special or professional equipment is required and the benefits can already be seen after the first sessions.

Not only .... we begin to feel better psychologically , change the mood in a positive sense and we are more proud of ourselves`

The exercises of the Soft Gym and Joint-Releasing are numerous and not too demanding, therefore allowing everyone to approach physical activity without fear of getting hurt or tired too much. Among those most practiced we can mention those to be done in the stretching phase, to warm up the muscles and avoid trauma. Stretching is in fact useful for stretching the muscle fibers, favoring all other movements. To continue then you can also use special tools such as the gymnastic ball and elastic bands, but without ever exaggerating. Finally, gentle gymnastics for the back is really a cure-all: many people have pain in this part of the body, often the victim of minor trauma or even just a wrong posture that leads to low back pain. Stretches are essential to stretch the spine, trying to remove any weight and tension.