Desert Dunes


It's very important in this time on Earth to have concrete ways to be able to live constantly in an Inner Balance and to keep our Energy Field strong and stable. 

How can we achive it? 

Creating Balance:  A Journey across the 7 Chakra

Why to do
a retreat
on the 7chakra's
in Ibiza?

whatch the Video


       Retreat highlights​​

  • Daily Chakra Initing Meditations

  • Daily Chakra Yoga Practice Intermediate level

  • Teachings and Transformational experiences related to each Chakra

  • Learning easy methods to keep the Chakra in Balance in daylife

  • Hiking in breathtaking surroundings through clifs ridges, discovering bays and beaches

  • Organic Selected food prepared in Delicious Recipts in accordance with the chakra

  • Venue in Luxury Villa with lot of care to protect partecipants....

  •  Relaxing in the Swimming pool

  • Car-lift to seesighting beaches

  • Mindfulness Practices & Meditations

  • Yoga Philosophy & Health Coaching

  • Massage by request

The Program: 

Every day you will be surprised....

we will use the amazing places that this island givesto travel through the Elements connected with the chakra.



Desert Dunes

Purpose of this Retreat:

giving to the partecipants a easy,

wonderful, full of rewards, way.

Discovering how the Energy System rules our lives: happenings, relations, work, talents, health, Spirituality, money and learning the skills to live in Balance, releasing the blocks and negative energy imprints, and enjoy the Perpetual Dance of the Rainbow